We need to know how funny you are. And if you're offended easily. So fill out the application and join the community, if we like you, you get approved. If not...Well, then you're SOL.


This MUST be completed in order to join. We need to establish your sense of humor.

Why are you so cool that you think you can join us:
Do you snort Pixie Sticks:
BSB that you'd like to molest:
Are you offended easily:

A few general rules that you should keep in mind, (This isn't Nazi ruled, so don't sweat it.) but although we're cool with just about anything, you need to follow them.

1. There is no rule #1.

2. No childish fighting.

3. Posts MUST BE BSB related on some level.

4. OBEY THE MODS. We are Gods. And we will smite you.